X Series

Cloud Software and Support is $99/month billed annually 

As our premium MinnowPod, the X Series is designed for properties whose tenants require the highest-quality amenities. Built to ensure every food delivery is safe, secure, and gets to the right person. Available in standard colors or a custom-wrap to match any lobby aesthetic.

– 8 insulated cubbies
– Accommodates both hot and cold food
– 24×7 monitoring helps ensure food safety
– Connects through WiFi, cellular, or Ethernet
– Mounts via wall bracket or Lilypad base
– Optional odor control add-on available
– Cubby interior lighting
– UL-certified food safe

Pod dimensions:

- 79" H x 32" W x 16" D

Cubby dimensions:

- 15" H x 14" W x 15" D

Managing food delivery doesn’t have to stink.

Elevate your tenant experience with secure, insulated cubbies, 24×7 monitoring, and pickup reminders


Crafted to match (and elevate) your lobby.

The sleek and modern design of the X Series will elevate any lobby. Available in standard colors or custom wraps.

Powered by our cloud software, MinnowOS.

Track deliveries and pickups, keep tenants safe with expiration notifications, and monitor usage with MinnowOS.


Frequently Asked Questions

MinnowPods are food lockers. They work by allowing user to have their meals delivered directly to the pod. Delivery drivers will deliver the food to the pod and users can pick it up at their convenience.

Yes! All you need to do is update your delivery instructions to have the order delivered to the pod. The pod works with any delivery service including local restaurants.

The X Series only takes up 3.6 square feet of floor space. The exact footprint dimensions are 31-15/16″ (810.36mm) in width and 16″ (405.41mm) in depth.

The best place to put a pod is somewhere easily accessible by food delivery drivers. The ideal location is within eyesight of the main entrance or within pointing distance of the front desk.

MinnowPods are designed to be self-installed in under 30 minutes. After unboxing, simply stand the pod up, secure it to the wall or floor mount and plug it in. There will be a couple of onboarding screens to sync your account and you’ll be ready to use the pod.

If food is left in the pod, location admins will receive a notification that there is an expired order that needs to be addressed. If the user has a secure pickup profile, they will be sent reminders that their order is still in the pod.

The X Series is insulated to keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Nobody wants a warm salad or a cold soup. 

Typically, one MinnowPod is sufficient for up to 500 tenants. If the food delivery habits of tenants is higher than normal, two may be required. Pods can be daisy-chained together an work as a single cohesive unit.

It does not. The pod functions separately from your buildings directory

Yes! When signing up for a secure pickup account, simply select ADA Complaint cubbies and orders will only be placed in cubbies 3,4,5 & 6.